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A sherwani is a very traditional, formal and stylish men's suit. It is a knee length coat worn with a churidar or a pajama. A sherwani gives the aura of royalty. The design and the embellishements of a sherwani makes it suitable for different occassions. In olden days it was the dress of the nobles and royals. From the Eighteen century onwards it was generally adopted as a westernized form of traditional attire.

It has also become almost customary for bride grooms to wear a sherwani on their wedding almost always accompanied by a turban. Wedding sherwanis usually tend to have embroidered collars and have been popularized in recent times by designers like Amir Adnan and Deepak Parwani.

Infact sherwani has become the most desired suit for the Bridegroom. Modern men are opting for the sherwani as a way to be in touch with their ethnicity and to look traditionally stylish. The early sherwani design has given way to a more stylish cut and embroidered sherwani. Accompanied with a pagri (turban), juttis and a stole. Wedding sherwanis are in great demand among global Indians due to classic look and feel and a sense of attachment with ethnicity. The popularity of sherwani speaks for itself by the fact that sherwani has become top of the choices for special occassions among global Indians.

Even foreigners have got fascinated with Indian attire. Many Western and European women have said their vows in a ghagra choli and men in sherwanis. The modern sherwanis are made in different hues and colors, with a variety of fabrics and beautiful embellishements of semi precious stonesa and gold threads. A sherwani is made of a heavier fabric compare to a kurta and is also lined. This helps in keeping the sherwani stiff and well fitted. A sherwani can be worn on a churidar or a pajama.

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