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India is a land of colorfull costumes. An Indian wedding is an array of colors. One can find dresses of all hues and colors. Different fabrics, a host of embellishments. Preparations for an Indian wedding mainly is about costumes. The close relatives particular the women of the Bride and Bridegroom would go all out to look their best. Everybody loosens their purse strings.

Wedding is an unforgettable occassion in every man and women's life. It is one of those grand events which fill happiness, joy in the lives of two individuals. It establishes a bond of love, respect & a sense of togetherness between two souls. And this is what makes this celebration once a life time experience and a desire to make it large, people spend heavily on wedding shopping and apparels plays a major role.The suits and jewlery especially the one that is worn at the main event play a major role as the bride and the groom want to look most elegant. Brides and bridegrooms selects a perfect wedding dress to look attractive. They will remember this for the rest of their lives.

On this site, sherwani.org, we would discuss about the tradtional costumes choices the men folk have.

Bridegroom's dresses in India are designed in such a way that they cater both tradition and style. The dress can be white, black or any other color. These suits are designed and cut by specialist designers.

Gone are those days when brides were the center of attraction at the wedding and would receive all the attention. Bridegrooms only receive some special attention only. Bridegrooms, now equally participate in looking better, handsome and smarter than ever on these special days. If this is a special day in your life, you must be looking for some amazing suits. A bridal sherwani is the best choice for the Bridegroom. Sherwanis look dazzling and impressive. A sherwani has become a renowned choice that has been tagged as the ideal men's Indian wedding dress.

As per research it has been proved that for a woman it is comparatively easier to look different and stunning but it is hard for men to look unique due to limitation of dressing styles. The sherwani is a popular choice as it distinguishes men from his regular looks by adding tradition and style to his way of dressing. For a more modest bridegroom, the choice would be a bridal kurta. A bridal kurta is mostly made of silk fabric with embellishements of stones, beads, zari and resham. The embellishments or embroidery can be in complimenting the color of the kurta or be in contrast colors. The bridal kurta is worn on a churidar or a pajama.

The accessories available for a bridegroom are juttis, stole and pagris.

Juttis are the foot wear a bridegroom can wear on a traditional wedding suit. Juttis are generally made of the same fabric as the suit and would have a rubber sole.

Stole (dupatta) is a shawl like accessory. A stole would be matching the suit or would be in contrast to it. A stole adds to style and looks. The bridegroom can either put the stole across his shoulders are have it on his hands.


Pagri, (turban) is the head gear. Pargis would be matching the wedding suit or would be in contrast to it. A pagri gives the bridegroom an elegant look and make him look special.

bridal sherwani with turban, stole and juttis

Sherwani with turban, stole and juttis

Party wear kurta with juttis and stole

Party wear kurta with juttis and stole

Bridal sherwani with stole and juttis

Linen Pathani suit

Bridal sherwani with dhoti, stole and juttis

Bridal sherwani with dhoti, stole and juttis

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